Cabilao Island

Cabilao Island has many dive spots which are in a league of its own.


Cabilao is a true Diver's Paradise! The Island is surrounded by a coral reef that falls steeply down to about 50 meters.

The perfect place to slow things down combined with world class diving. Pygmy seahorses, critters as well as hard and soft corals of various species have made that island a must-see, especially for scuba divers. At present, there are two marine protected areas (no-take zones) around the island.

Cabilao Island is located approximately 30 Nautical Miles from Mactan, Cebu. Made famous to Divers for the school of Hammerhead sightings in the 80’s and 90’s, it remains today one of the favorite destinations far from the civilization where our boats can bring you. There are numerous dive sites around the island such as: Lighthouse point – This is a wall dive where the hammerheads used to frequent up to the late 90’ with a plateau at 25-30 meters where a colony of garden eels has been residing for decades. Schools of barracudas and jacks are still frequently seen as well as large Turtles

The triangular shaped 7.2 square kilometer island is situated at the west side of Bohol, facing Cebu Island. Cabilao consists of five barangays (villages), Talisay, Cambaquiz, Looc, Pantudlan, and Cabacongan. Its about 5200 friendly inhabitants survive on fishing, tourism, some small agriculture and weaving of bags. The island is the home to Bohol’s only natural lake, Lake Lanao, near the barangay Pantudlan, which also serves as a small bird-sanctuary for passing by migrant birds.

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