The Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary offers a vibrant marine life even in the shallow waters that it is also recommended for entry level divers and snorkelers. This shallow water marine life include big schools of parrot and bat fish, turtles, ribbon sweet lips, black snappers, and many more.


Diving is best done during the day, especially if you are a photographer who wants to capture the colourful sight of these marine jewels.

Hilutungan's Marine Sanctuary is located due south of Shangri- La Resort and southwest of Olango Island. The trip to Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary takes about 45 minutes aboard a traditional outrigger "banca" boat. During this time, you can sit back and enjoy the tropical scenery as you cruise to the gorgeous Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary.

The Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary commonly offers visibility up to 35 meters and, the water is just as warm as every else around Mactan- a steamy 27-29 degrees Celsius. Currents are not usually a problem at Hilutungan. There is a great wall that drops deep and a comfortable drift along the Hilutungan wall is quite common.

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