Pandanon Island

Relax on a spectacular white sand beach, snorkel, or swim in the warm turquoise waters.


Perhaps indulge in a barbeque lunch (not included) prepared by a Chef within a local style hut next to the beach or we can provide a lechon and a nice catering event on the boat.

Just ask one of our friendly Caterers to arrange your culinary masterpiece for you.
Pandanon Island (Island entrance fees not included Pandanon Island
Entrance fee: P150 Cottage rental: P250) or the dine on the Yacht

Looking for the perfect beach? Pandanon Island is the place to go. White sand and warm turquoise water await the visitor for a day of fun in the sun. The beach at Pandanon Island is perfect for all kinds of beach activities. Explore the surrounding azure waters.

Of course, if you are looking for relaxation, you may choose to just spend the day laying around on the white coral sand. Pandanon is best for swimming, sunbathing, beach party, outdoor games like volleyball. Its white sand prevails particularly in a sandy area

Sample Schedule: 8 hour Trip

9:00 AM - Departure from the Cebu Yacht Club
1:45 AM - Arrival at Pandanon Island
04:00 PM - Departure from Pandanon Island
05:00 PM - Arrival at Cebu Yacht Club

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