Talima/Mactan Area

The famous Talima Marine Sanctuary is one of the gems of Cebu. It is located offshore and away from the population of Cebu, yet you can be diving it within an hour of landing in the Philippines.


Talima Marine Sanctuary is a gorgeous dive site and protected area located in the tropical waters off the West coast of Olango Island, between it and Mactan Island. It is conveniently located, just 15-20 by boat minutes from our Mactan-based Marina .

The visibility at Talima Marine Sanctuary is usually pretty good- between 20 and 30 meters. Of course there are some great days when it gets up to 40m- and some days, particularly after a large storm, where the visibility may briefly drop to around 10-12m. There can be some current at Talima Marine Sanctuary- especially out along the wall. This makes Talima is a stunning place to do your Drift Adventure dive from the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

For those like like to Play in the water and not dive Dream Of Cebu can take you to Talima Adventure Water Park .

There is a P100 entrance fees. On top of the entrance fee, you need to pay the following:

P250 unlimited use of inflatables including life vest
P100 unlimited use of zip n splash
P300 30 mins atv rental

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